About Us - BioPulse Nutrition

If you clicked in to this page, I guess you are interested in who we are. Who BioPulse Nutrition is.
In order to understand this company, you need to understand me.

My name is Anthony Collova, and I am the founder and CEO of BioPusle Nutrition. I am a recovering drug addict, an amateur bodybuilder, an entreprenuer and an animal lover. I am not a hippie or a bible beater, but I respect the earth, its creatures, and God as I have come to understand him.
Like everything else I know, BioPulse is managed exactly how I manage my own life; By the Golden Rule: Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.
Simple as that!

Today, recognize that I have a choice in how I live my life and whether or not I find happiness in daily tasks. Selfishly, this is why I formed BioPulse Nutrition, to make myself happy. Owning a health food and supplement company puts me right in the middle of my passion of healthy athleticism.
Being in business, I also realize that my customers also have a choice; where they choose to spend their money, so it is only fitting that I handle their trust and confidence exactly as I want mine to be. It may seem backwards to most supplement companies, but living by the golden rule means: People first, profit second.

See, BioPulse is not about supplements and health food. There are plenty of good supplement companies out there that sell great products at good prices. To me, BioPulse is more than any single company, any single product or any single person. It is about our neighborhoods, our community, or ecconomy, our planent, and most importantly, how we treat one another.

This is why I try to follow a simple order of priorities when conducting business. Local first, then regional, national and finally, international only as a last resort.
I always do my best to spend my money in the community, in my state and in our country before spening it overseas.

My hope is that you see a value in our products, our service, and my philosophy and choose to spend your money with us.