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BioPulse Reviews & Testimonials

biopulse madness review

Tyler Mayer - INBF Professional Bodybuilder

Before I was sponsored by BioPulse Nutrition, I wanted to represent a company that developed products I could stand behind. I didn't want to represent just anyone. It was important that I only involved myself with a company that respects my honest opinion and is honest to the consumers about their products. BioPulse Nutrition does just that. Not only do I believe in the products that BioPulse is developing, but I'm also excited about to what's to come. BPN's first product, MADNESS, has separated itself from the rest by offering a non proprietary blend that tastes unbelievably good, and gives me the extra push in the gym I need to perform at my highest level! BioPulse is coming out in a BIG way and I'm excited to be part of it!



madness review

Steve Kleva - 2010 Natural Western USA Overall Winner

I am proud to be a sponsored athlete by BioPulse Nutrition. Their new pre workout Madness is bar none one of the best pre workout products I have used. It doesnt make me jittery, mixability it great (we all know how most pre workouts have a problem with this), and it tastes great as well. I am looking forward to upcoming BioPulse Nutrition products and stand behind them 100% because of their non prop blends and stand up service. I feel they have been able to give me the extra edge I needed. Steve Kleva BioPusle Nutrition Sponsored Athlete



Madness Review

Dawn Bamford, IFPA Pro

My name is Dawn Bamford, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I have a Doctor of Psychology Degree and practice psychology in the Phoenix area. Health and fitness has always been an important part of my life. A number of years ago, I added a personal trainer to my workout routine. But it wasn’t until roughly late summer of 2011 that I began to take seriously the idea of competitive figure training. I work out at least four days a week and want to get the most out of every workout. I’ve found that Madness, a supplement from BioPulse Nutrition, boosts the intensity of my workout to new heights. It does so by increasing the production of ATP and testosterone, while burning fat and enhancing NO synthesis. Madness also helps to boast your water consumption prior to working out. And that’s just the physical side of your workout equation. Mentally, Madness stimulates the nervous system with a combination of jitter-free stimulants and nootropics that makes you want to literally attack your workout and then get on to some serious weightlifting. I drink Madness before every workout. Madness’ easy to follow directions are on the bottle itself and make it doubly effective for both the serious competitor and the person who just wants to look and feel great. BioPulse also has fantastic workout clothing. Priced to sell, they look and feel great. Machine washable, they hold their fit and color. I consider the BioPulse line of clothing to represent a tremendous value for the fitness-minded consumer.
Dawn Bamford, IFPA Pro